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x.Just the basics baby.x
Name (doesn't have to be the one your parents gave you):
Age: 18
Location: in merry old England.
and one picture of you:

x.Whatcha thinkin'?.x (I say [?] and you say [!])
Peanut Butter: i like it smooth, and on nice, thick white bread. lush <3
Stereo speakers:  i break them due to having my music too loud. eek
Line ups: i live for killer line ups. nothing better than going to a show, and each band being one you love
Makeup: mascara and eye shadow is all i know. i'm not the best with makeup
CamWhores (in the good sence): it's all good. cam whores are the shit!
A broken heart: never had one, not because i'm lucky or anything....never had anyone to break my heart

x.What's that ringing in my ears.x
List 3 different song lyrics you LOVE (no need for the artists' name(s):

  1. "You were a single red blood cell, I lost you in this knot of capillaries, but you were bringing me oxygen when I needed it most in the smoke"
  2. "Now the lady with the peacock mask is writhing around in broken monicle glass, imprisoned like a beetle laying on it's back and the man striped up and clawed calico like a cat, is trapped forever looking like that."
  3. "And I'll wait for when shes open. This watch is finally broken. (Thats me shooting up on the back porch)"

If you could have a band, what would you name it?: Words Can Kill
If you have a band, (YAY) what is it called?: i don't. my brother's in one called "A False Resolution" though
If you could wake up to one musician, who would it be?: Frank Iero from MCR. that would be a lovely sight
What are the 7 bands you can't live without?:

  1. When Reason Sleeps
  2. Eighteen Visions
  3. My Chemical Romance
  4. ThisGIRL
  5. Days Of Grace
  6. The Blood Brothers
  7. Million Dead

What would be your dream concert? Who would you bring? Who would be playing? and what not...: a band i haven't managed to see Every Time I Die, Bleeding Through or Blindside. i'd bring my brother, because we always see bands together, and all my close friends
What song is in your head while filling out this application?: The Blood Brothers - USA Nails

x.It's all about the randomness.x
Do you think the mods are HOTT!?(pictures in userinfo): indeed i do. the mods are lush <3
Do you look at yourself in store display windows?: at times....just to make sure i look reasonable
Do you draw on yourself?: yup yup
If you have something written/drawn on you right now take a picture of it and post it here: afraid i haven't got anything written on me right now
What do you hate to love?: cake. it's so damn good....but so unhealthy
What do you love to hate?: arrogant people. i love proving them wrong too

Post pictures of yourself like WOAH!

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