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x.Just the basics baby.x
Name (doesn't have to be the one your parents gave you): Jimmothy.. O.o
Age: the big 1-5 on the 15th..(November..)
Location: Louisianizzle
and one picture of you:

x.Whatcha thinkin'?.x
(I say [?] and you say [!])
Peanut Butter: mmmm reeces.. <3
Stereo speakers: BIG ONES!
Line ups: la la laa
Makeup: no makeup...
CamWhores (in the good sence): -raises hand- *o.o*
A broken heart: you haveta have a boy before you can get your heart broken by one.. =/

x.What's that ringing in my ears.x
List 3 different song lyrics you LOVE (no need for the artists' name(s):
...and you never knew why you felt so good in the strangest of places.. like in waiting rooms, or long lines that made you wait, or mall parking lots..on holidays
...baby you're bad news, i dont care i like you..
...and sometimes planes, they crash up in the sky, and sometimes lonely hearts, they just get lonelier

hah..they're all from the same band..is that bad? hmmmm...

If you could have a band, what would you name it?: i dont know!!?? hah..that would be badass..I Dont Know

If you have a band, (YAY) what is it called?: nopeeee =/ im musical instrumentally challenged

If you could wake up to one musician, who would it be?: jenny lewis..of rilo kiley

What are the 7 bands you can't live without?:
1. Rilo Kiley
2. Brand New
3. My Chemical Romance
4. Bright Eyes
5. System of a Down
6. The Faint
7. Coheed..

(erm..and Frou Frou, The Used, RHCP, Less Than Jake, FATA, Smashing Pumpkins, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Alanis Morissette, Aerosmith, Metallica.. (yeah..well so maybe im a bit of a showoff))

What would be your dream concert? Who would you bring? Who would be playing? and what not...:
Rilo Kiley, Bright Eyes, The Faint, MCR, Coheed and Brand New. Only people I invite can get in!
I'd go with uhm..a certain someone.. :)
and everything would be perfect like in a fairy tale and we'd all live happily ever after :D hah..yeah righttt

What song is in your head while filling out this application?:
Cosmipolitan Bloodloss by Glassjaw AND Nothing Better by the Postal Service.. (yeah.. im talented..iknow -sunglasses-

x.It's all about the randomness.x
Do you think the mods are HOTT!?(pictures in userinfo): they're certainly the hottest mods IVE ever seen..

Do you look at yourself in store display windows?: yes..haha....im a paranoid little shit..

Do you draw on yourself?: yessum

If you have something written/drawn on you right now take a picture of it and post it here:

haha...please, dont ask..

What do you hate to love?: the spice girls! and old nsync and bsb songs XD

What do you love to hate?: uhmmm....well..err..i..uh..i plead the fifth!

....anime..-shudders- ..... -_-

Post pictures of yourself like WOAH!

this is my weener..sorry if nudity is not allowed.. =/

Promote using the banner provided in the userinfo.


Make sure to tell people that this is an anti-rating community and we love everyone!!!
i love you too!! XD
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