mURIEL♥ (antiflag_) wrote in wefought_icried,

x.Just the basics baby.x
Name (doesn't have to be the one your parents gave you): Haha and My name is muriel
Age: 14
Location: Tampa Florida
and one picture of you: Grr I dont have any cause i dont have a digital camera at the moment :'[

x.Whatcha thinkin'?.x
(I say [?] and you say [!])
Peanut Butter: and jelly!
Stereo speakers: fuck.
Line ups: fuck.
Makeup: fuck.
CamWhores (in the good sence): fuck.
A broken heart: cry.

x.What's that ringing in my ears.x
List 3 different song lyrics you LOVE (no need for the artists' name(s):
If I'm just bad news, then you're a liar.
Step aside when you see me sign, now I'm crucified.
If this is what you want, then fire at will.

If you could have a band, what would you name it?: The Jackoffs? Thats the first thing that came in mind.
If you have a band, (YAY) what is it called?: Dont have one..(i do play bass though)
If you could wake up to one musician, who would it be?: Adam Lazzara. Yes Bert is sex but Adam is more.
What are the 7 bands you can't live without?: Rancid, TBS, MCR, Anti-flag, Alkaline Trio, Coheed and Cambria, Nirvana.
What would be your dream concert? Who would you bring? Who would be playing? and what not...: My dream concert would be a mild day and everyone jsut moshing their asses off, no mosh pits but jsut moshing. I would bring my best friends, joey, kiernan, emily, ally and sara. Rancid would totally be fucking playing, same with Antiflag, bad religion, the distillers, the f-ups. No fucking shit would be playing like that fucking shit ashlee simpson or hilary fucking duff shit.
What song is in your head while filling out this application?: Time bomb, Rancid.

x.It's all about the randomness.x
Do you think the mods are HOTT!?(pictures in userinfo): Yes (im not lying)
Do you look at yourself in store display windows?: lol yeah
Do you draw on yourself?: yup
If you have something written/drawn on you right now take a picture of it and post it here: no digital camera but its the alkaline trio skull.
What do you hate to love?: joey, mainly because im also in love with my 'boyfriend' mark =/
What do you love to hate?: stereotypes, discriminatives, homophobics, conservatives.

Post pictures of yourself like WOAH! ugh.
Promote using the banner provided in the userinfo.
Make sure to tell people that this is an anti-rating community and we love everyone!!!
No problem this seems like a kick ass community. And if its alright with everyone, could I use the layout for this community for my lj? <33
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this community seems as though it's as good as dead.
i'm sorry.

it sure does