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x.Just the basics baby.x
Name (doesn't have to be the one your parents gave you):
Loxahatchee, FL

x.Whatcha thinkin'?.x
(I say [?] and you say [!])
Peanut Butter:
Peanut butter and jelly sandwiches were all I ate for a week once. Mmm. It's good stuff
Stereo speakers:
My uncle.
Line ups:
One of my best friends, Janeene.
Black eyeliner, and red lipstick.
CamWhores (in the good sence):
Everyone I know, including myself.
A broken heart:
I would rather rip my eyes out.

x.What's that ringing in my ears.x
List 3 different song lyrics you LOVE (no need for the artists' name(s):
1."Everything's good. I'm gone, nervous and waisted thankfully. Happiness is being numb."
2."Photographs of the best time you had,
windows smugded by the speed.
Leaving home with our bags from Iron Street,
as morning turned into California,
And smoke trailed from the butt of my cigarette.
Our glass house it threw rocks at all those it past."
3."I'll draw your bath and I'll load your gun, but I hope so bad that you bathe and hunt."
If you could have a band, what would you name it?:
God Dined And Dashed
If you have a band, (YAY) what is it called?:
I don't have one, but my sister and I want to start one really badly.
If you could wake up to one musician, who would it be?:
Gwen Stefani, mmm.
What are the 7 bands you can't live without?:
No Doubt,
Foo Fighters,
Fiona Apple,
Counting Crows,
Streetlight Manifesto,
The Used,
Tom Petty.
What would be your dream concert? Who would you bring? Who would be playing? and what not...:
Hmm. I would go see Journey, with the original singer, not the guy they have now. I would bring my sister, because she would be one of the only people I know that would appreciate it.
What song is in your head while filling out this application?:
Lola Ray, the hidden track.

x.It's all about the randomness.x
Do you think the mods are HOTT!?(pictures in userinfo):
Ooo baby!
Do you look at yourself in store display windows?:
Hahahahahahahahaha! Yes, but not because I think I'm attractive.
Wow this is one of the best questions I have ever seen on an application.
Do you draw on yourself?:
At school, when I'm bored, or if I'm cheating on a test, haha!
If you have something written/drawn on you right now take a picture of it and post it here:

"The gangs all here!"
What do you hate to love?:
He knows who he is.
What do you love to hate?:
99% of the human race.

Post pictures of yourself like WOAH!

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Make sure to tell people that this is an anti-rating community and we love everyone!!!

I promoted you to my community.
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