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x.Just the basics baby.x
Name (doesn't have to be the one your parents gave you): L'anne
Age: 15
Location: Norfolk, England.
and one picture of you: [sorry about the hugeness]

x.Whatcha thinkin'?.x
(I say [?] and you say [!])
Peanut Butter:
smooth sucks, crunchy all the way
Stereo speakers: fsas
Line ups: meh
Makeup: <3
CamWhores (in the good sence): camwhores rule, especially Jehnee ;D
A broken heart: Haven't had one for a while.

x.What's that ringing in my ears.x
List 3 different song lyrics you LOVE (no need for the artists' name(s):
"She's beautiful as usual with bruises on her ego"
2. "I was terrified and would you mind if I sat next to you and watch you smile, so many kids but I only see you"
3. "She's a symbol of resistance, and she's holding on my heart like a hand grenade"
If you could have a band, what would you name it?: This question is so hard. Glitter and guns <3
If you have a band, (YAY) what is it called?: I don't have one, but my boyfriend does called STUPID LITTLE THINGS. http://www.stupid-little-things.moonfruit.com
If you could wake up to one musician, who would it be?: Conor Oberst
What are the 7 bands you can't live without?: Fall Out Boy, Yellowcard, My Chemical Romance, Jack Off Jill, Taking Back Sunday, Bright Eyes, Sugarcult.
What would be your dream concert? Who would you bring? Who would be playing? and what not...: All of the above bands, I would take all of my friends because they all enjoy a good gig ;D
What song is in your head while filling out this application?:
ugarcult - Pretty Girl <333

x.It's all about the randomness.x
Do you think the mods are HOTT!?(pictures in userinfo):
Fuck yes, especially Jehnee ;D
Do you look at yourself in store display windows?: Sometimes
Do you draw on yourself?: With pen at school when I'm bored.
If you have something written/drawn on you right now take a picture of it and post it here: -
What do you hate to love?:
My sister.
What do you love to hate?: All the people that have caused a load of crap in my life e.g ex boyfriends& some members of my family

Post pictures of yourself like WOAH!

The End <3

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